Vision and Mission


The Toronto Ward Museum is a museum without walls. Through interactive and event based programming, visitors will be invited to engage with stories of migration from Toronto’s past and will be asked to connect these stories, not only to their personal history, but to current day issues affecting newcomer communities in Toronto today. Supported by our institutional partners, immigrants will be empowered to co-develop and co-deliver the museum’s programming. As an institution we will strive to create an inclusive space that provides opportunities for expression, learning and civic engagement for all.


Through the life stories of migrants, the Toronto Ward Museum will engage the public in connecting Toronto’s migration stories of the past to current day struggles in order to envision and shape a more just future for migrants. Focusing on personal narratives, the museum will inspire visitors to see themselves in these stories and will work to build bridges between individuals, communities and generations by reflecting on the shared experiences that have motivated migration to Toronto while recognizing how their lived experiences have and continue to shape the City. Further, the museum will inspire critical reflection and conversation around migration, citizenship and belonging in an age defined by global migration.

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